Adventures of Kali in Cali: And she's off....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

And she's off....

Don't worry about being homesick. Don't worry about being new. Don't worry about the language. None of that matters. God loves you. This is the truth. You can do it! Start can rest later.
~ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Kali is now a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. She flew out of Pocatello this morning and arrived at the CCM in Mexico City this afternoon. This momma heart of mine has been trying to keep it together all day but it has been a serious struggle and I have not been very successful. We have shed many tears both happy and sad. It is hard to be sad though when you know that she is where she needs to be ready, willing, and excited to share the gospel. She will be an amazing missionary and we are looking for to hearing all about her adventures. We felt much better when we received her email this afternoon letting us know that she had made it safely to Mexico. It did not surprise me a bit to see her dive right into the work. That is Kali for you! We love our Sister Missionary!


I made it to the CCM safe and sound! My flights went well. Once I got to the Salt Lake airport I met up with about 20 elders and 10 sisters so I had someone to get lost with. On the flight I sat between two elders and we just talked the whole time. I tried to sleep but my mind was going crazy so I ended up only getting about 5 minutes of sleep!

Mexico City is awesome! Everything is so colorful and the traffic is sooo crazy. I am so glad that I was not the one driving. I guess is rains here every single evening so mom... It wasn´t a good idea to leave my umbrella!! It is way pretty here and I already love it. I got my name tag and it finally got real! I love it already! I haven´t met my companion or district yet but I think that I am right after this!

I signed up to give the prayer tomorrow morning so that should be interesting!! Dive into the language right!! :)

~ Hermana McMinn

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