Adventures of Kali in Cali: Week 3: Courage to Pray

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 3: Courage to Pray

Wonderful, glorious things are in store for you if only you will believe, obey, and endure.
~President Thomas S. Monson

3 weeks down here at the CCM in the beautiful Mexico City and I still love it.  Yesterday was my halfway mark so in 3 more weeks I will be headed to Los Angeles.  All the days are starting to blend together and by the end of the day I cant even remember what we did this morning but I can definitely tell the progress in my Spanish.  This week was definitely the fastest week yet.

On Sundays we always have a devotional and it is usually a broadcast from previous devotionals at the Provo MTC and the one we watched on Sunday was by David A Bednar called The Character of Christ.  It was such a cool message about how no matter what the Savior was going through He always turned out and was helping someone else in need rather than thinking why me.  When He was about to suffer in the Garden of Gethsemane and die on the cross He prayed for others to not suffer from the pain of losing Him.  I took the challenge of turning towards others when I was struggling and I think that is probably why I had such a good week.  I challenge you all to read that talk because it was such an amazing testimony builder for me.

The greatest service we can provide to others in this life, beginning with those of our own family, is to bring them to Christ.
~Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Another cool experience that happened this week was during our TRC time.  During TRC we talk with some people who are here from Mexico City and volunteer to talk to the missionaries.  Usually they are members and recent converts.  The cool thing was  my companion and I got a real investigator.  There was such a sweet spirit in throughout our discussion.  We started talking to Leonardo, who is the investigator, and to his friend who was a member.  As soon as they started talking I realized that I was in trouble because I could only pick out a word about every 7 words.  I got so nervous said a little prayer and then was totally calm and felt peace.  I still didnt know what they were saying but I had a prompting that I needed to talk about faith in Christ and about prayer.  I said exactly what I wanted to say in exact Spanish.  And then... the best part... Leonardo prayed for the first time in his life.  The spirit was the strongest that I have felt here at the CCM.  While he was praying my companion and I were both praying for him to please feel of the Spirit and love that Christ had for him.  After the lesson we talked to our teacher and he said that I had said exactly what he needed to hear and what he had been talking about.  My teacher, Hermano Tinoco, said he thought that I could understand everything that Leonardo was saying.  After the lesson Leonardo was asked to write on a paper asking how the whole experience was and if he felt anything special.  He wrote down the we helped him to have enough courage to finally pray to God and that he has wanted to pray for a long time but has never felt worthy.  That lesson was one of the times where I felt that this is why I am on a mission and I got so excited to get to Los Angeles and have so many more experiences like that!!  I just need to work on my listening skills and understanding Spanish first :)

Other than that nothing really big happened.  Our investigators are progressing and our goal is to have 2 baptism dates this week.  For our service this week we got to clean toilets so that was a lot of fun (sarcasm) and surprisingly it is really cold here especially in the mornings.  I wish someone would have warned me!!

Well... I hope you all have an awesome week and thank you so much for all the prayers.  I can definitely feel all the love and support coming from home.

Hermana McMinn

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