Adventures of Kali in Cali: Week 7: Hopped off the plane at LAX...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 7: Hopped off the plane at LAX...

Well... I made it here!! It is so crazy to think that I am actually here in Los Angeles!  I absolutely love it too. And my companion and everything about being on a mission.  But anyway.. I don't really remember what happened my last week of the CCM and it feels like it was so long ago so I will have to skip that part haha :)

So I got to LA on Monday and then I had like a orientation kind of thing all day and didnt really do much.  I met my mission president and his wife and they are amazing.  My mission president is really strict compared to many others and at first I was a little nervous about how that was going to be but I honestly can already see the blessing of exact obedience.  He is all about being consecrated in the work and staying focused.  I love him already.

Tuesday I met my trainer!!  Her name is Hermana Charity Vincent.  She is from Sandy, Utah and she has only been out for 5 and a half months.  She is so cute and I love her to death.  She is super loud and loves to talk.  And She knows tons of Spanish which is so awesome.  We are already really good friends too.  I am super excited for the next few weeks with her.  But after that we just got right to work and started talking to people and having lessons.  I am in a city called Gardena, California.  There is so much Spanish everywhere.  There are some places that look exactly like Mexico it is kind of crazy.

We have a baptism this next Sunday and his name is Rosendo.  I guess he has been being taught for a long time and at first he was really hard to teach because he never wanted to except anything but now he is amazing!  He quit smoking last sunday and took away his wife's cigarettes too because he said if he was quitting they were both quitting.  He is so amazing and loves this gospel and the Savior so much.  All he wants to do is be an example to his grandkids and he is doing that perfectly.

We set 2 more baptism dates this week to for a family; Ignacio, Georgina, and then they have twins who are 4.  I love this family so much.  We really started teaching them this week and taught them the Restoration and invited them to be baptized and they accepted it right away.  They are so ready for the gospel and then they came to church and they absolutely loved it. We have such high hopes for them. :)

The Spanish is stressful but I am learning patience.  I know it will come and that I, soon, will be able to talk to the my investigators ahah :)

Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today!
~ Lorenzo Snow

Tons more has happened this week but I can't remember everything.  I love being a missionary though and seeing they effects of the Atonement work in my life and in the lives of my investigators.  Seeing these people change and having the desire to change is so cool.  I love showing people how they can have more joy in their lives.  

I know there is so much more that I can say but I can't remember it all.  I need to start writing it down.  I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! :) 

Love Hermana McMinn

Rob is lucky enough to receive her emails and respond while she is still available to comment. So here are a few questions from dad today:

So what did you do for your first PDay today?
Laundry, cleaned the car, went grocery shopping and then we had to take our car to the car shop in Inglewood so really nothing much.. kind of boring.  We were going to go to a swap meet thing but aren't going to have enough time!

How big is your area?  Are there other sisters in your complex or is  it just you and your companion?
My area is pretty big.  I am not sure exactly the size though. It is all apartment buildings so there are tons of people to be meeting.

We have appointments with families for meals every night and they make very basic foods.. rice, beans, meat and vegetables. There rice here is so good though. I don't know why it is different but it is!!
We have a car so we drive to the area that we are in for that day and then we walk from there.  So a little bit of both!
And we are in one of the smaller apartment complexes around!

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