Adventures of Kali in Cali: Week 4: Bring it on!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 4: Bring it on!

We are the Lord's hands upon the earth with the mandate to life and serve His children.
~President Thomas S. Monson

Another week has come and gone and it is P Day again!  It is kind of really crazy how fast my time here at the CCM is going.  Only 2 more weeks and I will be in Los Angeles! I am getting so excited to get back to the US and to California.  It still doesnt feel real that I am on a mission.  It kind of feels like an EFY on some spiritual steroids... if that makes sense.  Every single day we do the exact same thing and it is getting me more and more excited to teach the people of LA even though I probably wont be able to understand what they are saying to me for a while!

So the quote of the week is from one of the Hermanas that we share a room with and it is from the Emperors New Groove. "Waterfall ahead? Yep! Sharp rocks at the bottom? Most likely! Bring it on!"  We decided that our life is that exact quote.  We really dont know what to expect when we get to the field but currently we are tied to a tree and ready or not they are sending us out there.  Luckily we have the help of the Lord on our side!

This week Elder Christofferson came to the CCM and that was such a cool experience.  It was way cool when he walked into the room.  We were all standing up so of course, being the short person that I am, I couldnt see him come in but I knew the exact moment that he was in the room because I could feel of the Spirit and the love of Christ surrounding me.  My testimony of living apostles and prophets was definitely strengthened.  He did a Q&A kind of thing with us and I did not want him to leave because everything that he said was exactly what I needed to hear.  One awesome story that he told us was about this lady who was trying so hard to learn English.  She decided that she wanted to receive a blessing and when she did the language came so easy for her.  She eventually got to a point where she was not progressing at all no matter what she did.  She decided that she was going to receive another blessing.  When the guy was starting to give her a blessing no words came to his mouth.  He didn't know what to say until this phrase came into his head, "If she will express thanks for what I have given her, there will be more to come."  It was such a sweet reminder for me to be more grateful for all that Gad has given me and helped me with especially here on a mission.

The Spanish is still coming. I am learning alot and I can see progress but there is definitely a lot more for me to learn.  thank you so much for all the prayers.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Hermana Kali McMinn

Note from mom: So I was really missing Kali on Saturday. Tears were falling and it was all because of some country music that I was listening to while cleaning the house. She used to hop in the car and switch the radio to a country station every time. (Sometimes I think just to make Taryn crazy). I thought it was funny that she was missing music almost as much as I am missing her. We know she is in the right place doing the right thing right now!

Hey Mama!
I am just going to start by thanking you for challenging me to look for the happy things in my day.  It definitely helped a ton. I didn't have bad days but every single day is the exactly same and  I needed something to write in my journal and realized that there is alot for me to be grateful for here.  One of the things is that one day Elder Jensen, in my district, started singing One Direction! Definitely a prayer answered ;)  and it made me so happy. Then another Elder started to sing country music.  I sure do miss music.  There is constantly songs being sung here and they are the most random songs ever haha but I love it!
And just for giggles...
Kali and Hermana Wilson

So School has started!! Woohoo!!! Did you pray to help with you patience because what I have realized is that God has a really good sense of humor.  When you ask for help with things like patience he gives you exactly what you ask for.  So technically you probably asked for (a certain student) again in your class without even realizing it!

Really?!? This is so Kali! She just says what she is thinking. Funny girl!

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